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          Trust of “Araratardshin“.It was USSR’s one of the most prestigious structural Armenian organization, whose history had been starting since 1983 with the construction of a cement plant in the city of Ararat. Cement factory of city’s Ararat Building, which had great economic end meaning role in that period. The time of construction’s implementation of complex building, the trust was governed by such known builders, such as Gagik Martirosyan, Artur Karapetyan, Aram Harutyunyan. In 1994 the ministry of “Gyuxshin”, SHMM-55’s chief Gagik Tovmasyan is appointing the governor (leadership) of trust of “Araratardshin”, who offer the privatization of trust, with a new breath end quality is continuing the uninterrupted history of former trust.

          The company doesn’t stop his works even during the difficult transition period. Maintaining his legal successor inherited human capital from trust of “Araratardshin”, experienced end knowledgeable specialists, end his mechanisms base, already reconquered organization “Araratardshin” with a new economic power, passed builders of construction school, led by Gagik Tovmasyan, his all efforts invested to enter field of long- term cooperation and develop in new business conditions. “Every building when I built, I think that I am building for me”. Builder must be have this conviction. And only it can become guarantee for building’s quality and durability.

Both in the whole world and in Republic of Armenia, in parallel with the development of construction techno logics are changing approaches towards construction, beautiful volumes, modern look, security, comfort durability, quality. And “Araratardshin” construction company is guided by this standards too, which is stands out in construction market with his production capacity, qualitative and volumetric features today.

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